Your heat pump brings your home reliable cooling and heating throughout the year. With enough time, all that cumulative wear-and-tear can really start to add up. That’s why an annual heat pump tune-up is so important. In this article, we’ll review the reasons why you should schedule maintenance for your heat pump system in the fall before winter arrives.

Why schedule an annual heat pump tune-up?

Prevent sudden breakdowns

It always seems like your heater breaks down right in the middle of winter when you need it most. For heat pumps, this is often true because the system has been working hard throughout the summer, too. For many people, it can be tough to hire a technician because HVAC companies are busiest during this time of year. AxsomAir offers 24/7 repair service, but you can save yourself a lot of hassle by schedule routine maintenance and helping your system avoid a breakdown in the first place.


The AxsomAir team offers expert heat pump tune-ups here in Natchitoches.

Increase the lifespan of your equipment

The main reason why you want regular maintenance is that it helps you avoid larger problems down the road. During your tune-up, your technician may make minor repairs or recommend other fixes, but those are preferable to make larger, more expensive repairs later. You ultimately stand to save a lot of money by fixing smaller problems sooner than later. That’s why they call it “preventative maintenance,” after all.

Get greater energy efficiency out of your system

An unmaintained heat pump is an inefficient system. When your power bill suddenly increases to four to five times the normal amount, you know you have a problem. Technicians can address the standard wear-and-tear on the system that could cause your utility bills to skyrocket out of control.

Limit the need for future repairs

Many people find themselves in situations where they have to call a technician once every few months to address something else going wrong. Not only is this annoying, but the bills add up quickly. With regular maintenance, everything is inspected at the same time, so you are less likely to have to deal with unexpected surprises any time soon.

Improve your home’s indoor air quality

If you find it harder to breathe inside your own home, then the culprit may be the HVAC system. Without routine maintenance, the heater can spread debris, dust and other contaminants into the air. When you live in a place with high humidity, it can increase the chances of your home growing mold, which poses a health risk.

Keep up with your warranty

You should know the basics of what your heater’s warranty includes. Your warranty may be good for up to 10 years, but—in most manufacturer warranties—there’s a provision stating you need professional maintenance twice annually to keep the warranty active.

Call AxsomAir to schedule your heating tune-up

It is a good idea to schedule one of your maintenance appointments right before the winter season starts. Give us a call at AxsomAir to schedule your heat pump tune-up today.