Leaky plumbing is no joke, especially when it’s not obvious where your leak is coming from. You might have an idea what room it’s in if you come home to a flooded kitchen or bathroom, but if you have water in the basement coming down the pipes from a leak above, you need leak detection services.

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The point where you see the physical impact of a leak isn’t always where the leak originates. Call AxsomAir for local leak detection services!

Finding leaks can be difficult

You might be pretty sure you know where a leak is coming from, but if you don’t have experience repairing plumbing, you don’t know if you’re finding the only leak or if there are bigger systemic issues. You also might not be finding the only leak.

Often, leaky plumbing can persist inside walls with a very slow loss of water that homeowners don’t initially notice, and it’s not until another leak in the system calls attention to it that homeowners know they even have one. That small leak can still go undetected after the big one is treated if no one looks for it.

How leak detection works

When you call in the experts at AxsomAir to look for plumbing leaks, we’ll take a methodical approach using specialized equipment capable of locating any leak, of any size, anywhere in your home. If you suspect you have a leak, have AxsomAir determine where it’s coming from. Common leak points include:

  • Minor drips inside walls
  • Leaks at seals between pipes at every faucet
  • Cracks in old pipes
  • Leaks in the water main connected to the home

You might not even know you have a leak if it’s very small, but your water bill could be higher than it needs to be without you knowing it. Periodic leak detection is a good idea whenever you have an older home, just to be sure no problems have developed.

Keep your system water-tight with our help

There’s no leak problem our team can’t handle. Contact us today for expert leak detection services here in Natchitoches, Louisiana. We’re ready to help!