To keep your home heated throughout the cold months, you need to pay attention to your furnace. Without the proper maintenance and repairs, your furnace can fail to produce adequate heat or maintain the correct energy-efficiency. And while some small things—such as changing filters—can be handled by homeowners, you should call in a professional HVAC technician to help with all other heating repairs.

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5 common furnace issues

#1. Problem with the thermostat

Considered the “brains” of your furnace, the thermostat can be the source of many furnace problems. Always check your temperature and fan settings to achieve your desired comfort level. If your furnace doesn’t respond to thermostat adjustments, you almost certainly have a problem that requires the assistance of a professional HVAC technician.

#2. Clogged air filter

Dust and other common household particles have a tendency to collect in your air ducts. Your furnace uses filters to keep dust out of the blower.

However, over time as dirt collects, your filters can clog, restricting or preventing adequate heat flow. Always remember to change your filters every three to six months, depending on usage and seasonality.

#3. Dirty burner

If you hear your blowers come on but don’t feel any heat, you likely have an issue with your burners. The burners are what ignite to heat the air that circulates through your home. However, dirty or clogged burners can cause them to fail, resulting in no heat.

#4. Ignition failure

When you turn on the heat, you should hear your furnace ignite. However, if nothing happens when you switch on the thermostat, you may have a bad ignition system.

If you suspect an issue, turn off the heating system and call an expert. Failed ignitions nearly always require the help of a professional technician. Problems with ignition are also a key sign that your furnace might need to be replaced after this winter.

#5. Faulty blower

If your furnace is making high-pitched whining noises and producing little to no heat, all signs point to a bad blower. Annual inspections and maintenance can help identify a faulty blower before it fails.

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