If you’ve spent a summer in Louisiana, you know that you’re dealing with so much more than just heat. The humidity, insects, and rising temperatures all work against you and your family as you try to stay cool. Summer is meant to be a fun, relaxing time of year, but it can become stale, sticky, and downright miserable without the right home cooling solutions. Additionally, you may see a bigger hit on your wallet during these summer months due to high summer energy bills.

Why is summer so expensive and unbearable? For one, rising temperatures outdoors means increased temperatures indoors, as well. To keep your home cool and dry, you’ll need to lower the temperature on your thermostat, forcing your AC unit to work overtime to maintain that temperature. A few months ago, you could get away with setting your thermostat to a higher temperature, but now the heat is setting in and you should be prepared for the weeks ahead. We’re here to talk about saving money over the summer, the major costs you’ll run into, and how to turn your summer into an affordable, enjoyable time of year with the help of AxsomAir.

Saving big during the summer

Believe it or not, some homeowners have found ways to cut costs in the summer, or at least keep their energy bills affordable for the summer months. You may not be able to get away with turning off your AC completely, but you can set a temperature schedule and teach your family members about the “peak” hours of the day. For example, during the early morning hours and the late night hours, you can keep your thermostat to a higher temperature and use floor fans to help stay cool. These hours are usually the coolest ones before the sun stretches over the top of your home.

During afternoon hours, many families leave the home to spend time outdoors swimming, relaxing in the shade, or visiting a public library or recreation center to cool down. While you’re away from the home, you can set your thermostat to a higher temperature and lower it when you’re actually in your home. This is where a programmable thermostat really helps out. A “smart” thermostat operates on a schedule and changes according to your preferences. Some thermostats can even be programmed from an app on your phone!

Avoid using the oven or stove during the hottest times of the day—these appliances will quickly heat up your kitchen, making your home feel stuffy and hotter than normal. Keep your windows shut and make sure interior doors are left open to help the flow of air between rooms.

One of the best ways to save big is to receive a tune-up on your air conditioning unit to ensure it’s in good working order. You may not be able to see the hidden problems in your unit, but a professional can diagnose any issues with your HVAC systems and help you get the most out of your cooling system. The team at AxsomAir specializes in AC work, and our friendly technicians can answer your questions and give you the best tips and tricks for saving money in the summer season.

Major summer costs and how to avoid them

By far, your combined energy bills will be one of your largest expenses this summer, unless you’re planning on visiting Disney World with the family. If you are leaving for 4 days or more, we recommend setting your thermostat to a higher temperature (but don’t turn it completely off!) If you fully shut down your unit and then leave your home for a week, your air conditioner will have to work twice as hard when you turn it back on, if you’re able to turn it back on at all. Keep your AC running smoothly while you’re gone, but set your indoor temperature to a higher level to avoid constant cooling.

Another big summer cost may hit when your AC unit breaks down or needs repair. Avoid these breakdowns by having a technician come out at the beginning of the summer season to check your unit. Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to prepare for the hotter weather. Plus, you’ll rest easy knowing a professional has looked at your system and has given it the green light.

How we can help

No matter what your summer plans include, be sure to call the team at AxsomAir for an AC tune-up or repair. We can inspect and repair your air conditioner, preparing it for the hottest weeks ahead. Make your Louisiana summer enjoyable, affordable, and relaxing with our help! We stand by our guarantees and deliver superior service to every home we visit.

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